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Testimonials from satisfied customers:

“The Sauce and Seasoning can be used on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! Our family favorite is baked potato fries with the Seasoning sprinkled on while cooking and we use the Sauce for dipping!” -M. Troublefield


“I tried the 28 Seasons Spice. This is an extremely good seasoning blend. I used it on chicken and cabbage. It’s a great blending of flavors, no one single flavor dominating another. Love it, thanks so much!” -L. Woods


“I’ve been using the 28 Seasons spice on everything! LOVE IT! Veggies, meat, you name it! We grilled burgers yesterday and I used the spice with some garlic salt and then we discovered we were out of ketchup…so we just used the sauce on top. DELISH! Tonight my husband grilled chicken, 1/2 with spice the other with sauce so we could taste test. We think it’s a tie, they both turned out awesome!! Now I have to order some seafood batter!” – Marla O.


“Awesome sauce, great flavor, great on chicken, turkey or pork. 28 Seasons will not be a disappointment to anyone who purchases it. Just try it.” -K. Wright


“I have never tasted anything like this BBQ sauce. The taste is so delicious! It is sweet, yet spicy. I really love to use it on my grilled chicken.” -S. Thomas


“A great product, my entire family uses for everything you can think of. Chicken, Pork, Fish, Beef, everything. 28 seasons is a great product…” -J. Tisdale
“I use this seasoning as a rub on my ribs, makes them tender, juicy and very tasty. Use the sauce to add more robust flavor that doesn’t smother the flavor of the meat, be it beef, chicken or pork. Use the season with butter on broiled or grilled fish, you won’t be disappointed!! Makes this novice cook a blue ribbon backyard griller!! Love it!!” – A. Stuart

After having the opportunity to try 28 Seasons SPICE True Love, One Spice as a gift from a friend, I had to write in. I was using it as my friend described and found out it was great on practically everything: salads, meats, eggs, you name it. What a great addition to my stove counter shelf. I just got rid of several bottles of seasonings and replace it with just one. This is my one and only go to. Thank you for creating such a wonderful combination of flavors to bring out the best in my meals. -Maria Nicusanti

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