28 Seasons Products are the new wild fire blazing across the Southwest and East Coast. What are you waiting on to get yours? Start burning up the kitchen with flavor and taste cooking with 28 Seasons True Love, 1 Spice.

THE SPICE.  The concept for this seasoning is to use one additive for all your cooking needs. Bring out the zing in your baked, grilled, or fried foods as well as veggies, potatoes, and french fries. It’s all natural and contains no preservatives or MSG. Explore a variety of flavor with just one spice!


THE BBQ SAUCE.  28 Seasons BBQ Sauce has mastered the complex taste of something a little bit spicy and a little bit sweet. You can use this savory sauce as a marinade, on the grill, as a topping, or just for dipping! It will complement any meat you can imagine: beef, pork, poultry, fish…the possibilities are endless!

THE SEAFOOD BATTER.  This batter has a special blend of cornmeal and seasonings to give your food a delicious, crispy taste without hiding the seafood’s natural flavor. Just coat, shake and fry. No batter is better!

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